Patient Testimonials

“It was my first visit to this doctor’s office (Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Centers). My time limit waiting was very short. The doctor was very good about finding out the problem I was having with my foot. He immediately took action to relieve my foot pain. He was very knowledgeable in making sure I understood the advice given. His service was very good. He’s a good doctor.”

– Penny N.

“Great experience! Very friendly and fast, but they were also very thorough. I would recommend them to anybody who is having foot pain.”

– Joshua H.

Dr. Matt Nielsen was great. Made me feel so comfortable, from the moment he walked in to help me. I will recommend anyone and everyone to him!”

– J. J.

While This is my first review, I have used Comprehensive Foot and Ankle and specifically Dr. Good several times over the past years. The office staff is extremely efficient, friendly, and organized which I really appreciate. The care that I have been given by Dr. Good has far exceeded my expectations. He communicates well what the plan of action will be, discusses the impact the surgery will have on my immediate mobility, and does a good job estimating the time it will take to heal. I have been very pleased with the service I have gotten from Dr. Good and Comprehensive Foot and Ankle.”

– Matrese B.

“Dr. Boldry was very thorough, thoughtful, and experienced. He knew the exact course of action to take in the case of my foot ailments and set a follow-up appt to be canceled if the initial treatment does what it is supposed to do.”

– Craig F.

“I highly recommend Dr. Paul Gorby at Comprehensive Foot Ankle Centers. The staff is professional and friendly. In addition, Dr. Gorby is a great listener. He took time to explain what was wrong, and after less than a month under his treatment, I can walk again. I appreciate his skills, knowledge, and care. Five months ago, I had an accident and could not walk for more than a couple of minutes. I am grateful I found Dr. Gorby, and now I am pain-free, and I have my life back. Thank you!”

– Provi R.

All of the employees were fantastic! Doctor listened to my issues and had a plan to resolve my problem. Great job. I highly recommend!”

– Jim S.

Always seen quickly and Dr. Boldry is very responsive to my foot issues. I feel listened to and hopeful that he can help!”

– Jen R.

Really nice and comfortable place everybody was professional answered all of my questions and made me feel at home. Definitely recommend this place to everyone.”

– Robert N.

“The office staff was efficient and friendly. Dr. Boldry was kind and very knowledgeable. A quick and mostly painless visit.”

– Becky S.

“On April 26, 2021, Dr. Sabers performed a metatarsal fusion and bunion repair on my right foot. It was an involved surgery because of the extensive amount of arthritis, and he placed four plates and 16 screws.

The post-surgery healing process went beautifully, and I attribute this 100% to Dr. Saber’s surgical skill. Both his pre- and post-operative care were exemplary. The surgery itself showed his amazing skill – the placement of the screws and plates is something to behold.

My post-surgical pain was minimal, and as of today – almost six months post-surgery – I’m able to wear every pair of shoes I wore before the surgery and walk comfortably. He took a personal interest in my recovery, and one of the most important things to the recovery process is that I did what I was told to do, including not putting weight on the foot even though it felt OK and doing the prescribed stretching exercises.

Is it a surgery I’d want to have done a second time? NO. But I had to have it done, and Dr. Sabers and the staff from Comprehensive Foot Centers made what could have been an agonizing process bearable because of their communication and support post-surgery. I would not consider seeing anyone else for my foot care.”

– Chris W.

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